Novel Research Proposal on IoT Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is a widespread network that interconnects anything in the environment to pass on data via the network. Our Research Proposal on IoT

Guidance massive awareness of the latest trends for supplying advanced research topics IoT. 

This article is dedicated to direct all research scholars towards emerging IoT research domains!!!

What is IoT Network?

In general, IoT network comprises sensor devices for air quality monitoring, smart city management, patient healthcare monitoring, etc. Then the communication over the device is established regardless of human-to-human / human-to-machine interaction

Novel Research Proposal on Internet of Things

Functionalities of IoT Network

  • An IoT system is made up of web-connected mobile devices with implanted systems as sensors and other hardware
  • Sensors are used to collect, direct and process the data from their environment
  • Implanted IoT devices transfer the sensed data through an IoT gateway or edge device. Here, the data will be analysed either locally or in the cloud.
  • In some cases, device-to-device communication occurs to process the data acquired from another device
  • However, many of the devices work without human involvement; people can interact with devices for commanding or monitoring purposes

To make the data collection easier and dynamic, IoT can collaborate with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Learn with our experts to choose innovative research proposal on IoT.  In addition, we also let you know the reasons behind this tremendous growth of research demand by following IoT rewards, 

Advantages of IoT

  • Despite the device type, it has the proficiency to access information from any place at any time 
  • Enhanced communication among connected electronic devices
  • Transmits data packets through a connected Omnet network which saves time and cost
  • Minimized the human intervention by automating tasks to increase the business’s services quality 

We hope, you have enriched knowledge in IoT essentials and their significant impact on research proposal on IoT. Now let’s see about the few research ideas in IoT.

Research Topics in IoT

  • Graph based AI-IoT
  • Networking Connectivity and Interoperability
  • Security and Privacy in IoT Environ
  • IoT enabled Applications and Services

For instance, let’s talk about graph-based AI IoT which reaches a significant place in recent research. Whereas, it helps to advance the performance of various issues such as 

  • Data Management
  • Knowledge Discovery
  • Data Fusion, etc.

 Since, it encloses a wide variety of graph-powered learning techniques as graph embedding, graph neural network, and graph convolutional network.

Research Issues in graph based AI IoT

  • Designing Graph-based learning with IoT services strikes notable issues from the cyber and physical worlds that are now unresolved.
  • However both academia and industry have come across many researches to modernize real-time applications and models regarding safety, accessibility, dependability, and more but still in its early stage.
  • The different large-scale graph IoT data require following things to involved,
    • Refined Graph-driven Learning Methods
    • Data Mining Techniques
    • Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms, etc.

So far, every researcher in graph-based AI IoT is aimed to answer the following questions. The above questions are very crucial yet inflexible to be widely explored. Scholars, who are trying to attempt the questions, can make use of best creative research proposal on IoT. Our legends are great in finding the solution for any type of question in spite of research hurdles.

Research Objectives in graph based AI IoT

  • How to use graph-driven learning methods to satisfy the IoT design and management demand?
    • Is the suggested solution is highly reliable, highly efficient, low-latent and secure?

Is the suggested solution is highly reliable, highly efficient, low-latent, and secure?

Now, our research crew is going to present you with little current ongoing IoT research works. In this wide topic, we find the following research topics in IoT have high demands among scholars.

  • Scheduling on Graph Theory
  • Real/industry applications and systems
  • Graph Classification, Clustering and  Link Prediction
  • Graph Representation Learning
  • Graph-powered Software and Hardware Level Acceleration
  • Resource and Risk Management based on Graph Learning
  • Distributed Graph Machine Learning Systems
  • Graph Data Parallel and distributed algorithms
  • Security and Privacy aspects of Graph-driven Learning Methods
  • Knowledge Graph Modeling and Management
  • Data Management, Big Data Processing and Analytics in Social IoT

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Our Paper Publishing Procedure

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  • Submit Manuscript
    • With the thorough information, submit your final manuscript to the targeted journal in online mode
  • Peer-review Process
    • Revise the content  to ensure the journal scope and well-constructed manuscript and wait for reviewers comment
  • Decision
    • Depends on the critic’s suggestion, any of the following decision letters will be received
      • Revision Required – Since it is a more important phase, our expertsspend more time and dedication to revise manuscript as per received reviewer comments and resubmit it as soon as possible.
      • Decline – Majorly, our paper will be accepted in minor revision so there is no chance of meeting this phase
  • Accepted
    • Once we meet all the reviewers expectation, then the publication process begins
  • Publication
    • Primary version of manuscript will be received  for negligible revision

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