OMNET++ WIRELESS ADHOC NETWORK PROJECTS an object oriented discrete event simulator to model various network and application. We define network as group of interconnecting personal computers and network based devices. We offer PhD in network projects OMNET++ for various research scholars related to wired and wireless network. We develop more than 80+ projects in network with OMNET++ simulation for PhD students. We implement various network such as body area network, software defined network, vehicular Adhoc network and mobile Adhoc network for academic network projects. We ensure various simulation tool and framework such as Castalia, MIXIM, INET, veins and SUMO to design various wireless networks.

Wireless Adhoc network:

We refer wireless Adhoc network as multihop relay network where messages are transferred from source to destination by intermediate nodes. In multihop wireless network we ensure communication among nodes by various numbers of intermediate nodes. We utilize intermediate nodes to perform information exchange among one and another point. We apply Adhoc network in collaborative, emergency operation, distributed computing and military communication. We categories wireless Adhoc network as:

  • Wireless sensor network.
  • Wireless mesh network.
  • Mobile Adhoc network.


We implement a simulator framework simuLTE to design advanced mobile network. SimuLTE is worked based on OMNET++ and INET simulator to model long term evolution (LTE). By simuLTE we support LTE-A (LTE advanced) network model. We provide LTE simulation model with various data plane and network design. LTE based simulation concentrated on resource scheduling evaluation performance. We consider simuLTE as root to develop projects in mobile and computer networks from Springer journals.

Precision time protocol:


We evaluate various experiments in OMNET++ by precision time protocol. We design and evaluate model by high quality framework as INET with precision time protocol. We use modeling agents which ensure high mobility design and model to design simulation systems and applications. These protocols enhance better connectivity for advanced networking and research projects are carried out by INET.

Mobility framework:

We provide mobility framework in OMNET++ for mobile based node creation and model. Every network in this framework is processed and ensures communication with high level scenario. We evaluate fixed and mobile network by Castalia and INET module.

Wireless sensor network:

We implement wireless sensor network composed of numerous sensor node to create communication among base station and source node. We calculate sensor network by INET and Castalia framework.


We ensure vehicular Adhoc network which is a set of mobile node in which vehicle are denoted as mobile nodes. We demonstrate and evaluate vehicle communication and data transmission by OMNET++. We simulate vanet by SUMO and vein simulator. We use MIXIM to simulate network application and model. We develop all network based projects by OMNET++ in an optimistic way.