OMNET++ Network Simulator

OMNET++ Network Simulator is an object-oriented modular discrete event network simulation framework.

Quick Intro to OMNET++ Network Simulator:

It has a generic architecture, so it can be (and has been) used in various applications

Features of OMNET++:

  • It’s simulation kernel.
  • A graphical network editors for NED files.
  • Tools for plotting data.
  • Compiler for the NED topology description languages.
  • Utilities (random number seed generation tool, make file creation tool etc).
  • Two types of user interfaces for simulation execution:
  • A command-line user interface.
  • A graphical user interface.

Simulator relating files:

  • .msg file for define various message types and add data fields to them.
  • .h/.cc is a C++ files contain simple module sources.
  • .ned files have NED language topology descriptions. That describe the module structure with parameters, gates etc.


Sample code for OMNET++:

This is the sample code of channels

channel C extends ned.DatarateChannel
datarate = 100Mbps;
delay = 100us;
ber = 1e-10;
channel DatarateChannel2 extends ned.DatarateChannel
double distance @unit(m);
delay = this.distance/200000km*1s;