OMNeT++ PROJECTS an open source network simulated ensures environment study and analyzes various networks. We offer Omnet++ simulation projects for MS to academic projects which useful for students and research scholars. Omnet++ projects to provide efficient simulator to design VANET (vehicular Adhoc network), SDN (software defined network), WSN (wireless sensor network) and WBAN (wireless body area network).

Vehicular Networks:

We apply vehicular network for various applications with wireless communication. We implement various technologies such as floating car data, computational technology, sensing technology, floating cellular data, video vehicle detection and Bluetooth detection. We implement vanet with three functions are convenience, safety and commercial oriented. we refer communication among various cars as vehicular networks.

Advantages of Using Omnet++ for VANET Simulation:

By using Omnet++ we attain following factors are:

  • Provide flexible and expected output.
  • VANET design road, car and road side unit with Omnet++.
  • Minimize over head in simulation.

We use vehicular network to implement an innovative ideas in wireless Adhoc network. More researchers and students are interested to develop various applications in VANET communication.

Streaming and Communication in Omnet++:

We support Omnet++ which is a discrete event simulator enhance various streaming such as audio and video applications effectively. We use external real time application to communicate with each other end run effectively by Omnet++ environment. We support Springer based papers with OMNET++ under INET framework which guide wireless communication such as ZigBee, Adhoc network and mesh network performance are evaluated by INET simulation framework.

Application of Video Streaming:

We apply video streaming in more than 85+ projects and listed the application are:

  • Event broadcasting.
  • Making effective advertisements.
  • Video conferences.
  • Online TV or radio stations.

Benefits of video streaming:

We attain following factors in video streaming are:

  • Provide high quality video.
  • Reduced set up time.
  • Video streaming allow distribution of live events.
  • Video can be viewed at real time.
  • Transmission signals over low bandwidth facilities.

Wireless Body Area Network Devices:

We use wireless body area network device to monitor continuous health status and real time feedback to user or medical personnel. We provide sensor in network with certain parameters in human body internally or externally. We categories sensor into following types:

  • Ambient Sensor:

We use this sensor to measure environmental properties such as humidity, sound, light, temperature and pressure level.

  • Physiological Sensor:

We use this to measure continuous glucose monitoring, blood oxygen, blood pressure, core body temperature and signals related methods such as electroencephalography (EEG), electrocardiography (ECG) and electromyography (EMG).

  • Bio Kinetic Sensors:

We use this to measure acceleration and angular rate of rotation derived from human movement.

Castalia Simulator:

We use Castalia which is a discrete event simulator to simulate various applications with body area network under Omnet++ environment. We guide MS students to develop projects under Omnet++ based Castalia which implement various wide range applications in body area network.