OMNeT++ Network Projects

OMNeT++ Network Projects Wireless communication is an important communication to transfer data without any need of wire sources. We use wireless communication as signal or waves to provide data transmission from source to destination. We offer M.E wireless communication projects OMNET++ to develop various network application for final year projects. We guide and support post graduate student to develop latest technology projects in wireless communication for students. We ensure wireless communication such as Wi-max, WI-Fi, 3G and 4G network based application, Iot are developed and implemented for M.E and students. We implement wireless communication network by INET framework with OMNET++ simulation tool.

Wireless Communication Model:

We implement the following model in wireless communication which is referred from Science Direct Papers are:

  • Wi-Fi.
  • NFC (Near field Communication).


We use Wi-Fi referred as wireless Fidelity which permit user to connect internet while on move. We ensure online function when data move from one area to another in wireless mode. We utilize Wi-Fi enabled computer for transmission of data within the range of base station. We mainly implement Wi-Fi device for wireless local area network communications.

NFC (Near Field Communication):

We adopt NFC which ensures wireless communication technology with short range high frequency to transmit data among devices over range of 10 cm distance. We permit device to transmit data among devices by sensing together to establish a peer to peer radio communication. By NFC we use RFID technology to ensure a standardized application for smart phones.


We implement LiFi denoted as Light fidelity to enhance data transmission by fiber to fiber illumination. It is most prominent optical version of Wi-Fi.


To enhance wireless data communication with a short range radio links we implement a method called Bluetooth. We ensure data transmission with low power radio waves by Bluetooth network. We can connect eight devices simultaneously and ensure communication with frequency range of 2.45 GHZ. We implement Bluetooth by a technique called Spread Spectrum Frequency Hopping.

Bluetooth Application:

We implement Bluetooth in following factors are given as follows:

  • Bluetooth headphones.
  • Bluetooth Keyboard.
  • Bluetooth Speakers.
  • Printer with cable less connection.

Advantages of Wireless Communication:

We adopt the following factors in wireless communication are

  • High speed.
  • Place of Devices.
  • Less cost.

INET Framework:

We use INET Framework which is an open source framework library developed by OMNET++ to ensure wireless communication. We provide INET agents, protocols and models to develop a network based communication projects for students and research scholars. We designed more than 100 projects in wireless communication with various frameworks in an efficient way. We mainly use INET to validate wireless network communication and newly designed protocols under simulation. We design a wireless link layer protocol and ensure a support for VANET and MANET network communication. We need INET as base for network simulation for peer to peer networks, LTE (Long Term Evolution) and vehicular networks.