OMNeT++ Projects Source Code

OMNeT++ Projects Source Code is a network simulator modeled by C++ class library which composed of various simulation kernel and utility classes. We ensure infrastructure to make and assemble simulation from components by Omnet++. We design Omnet++ project code by object tool command language. We design Omnet++ codes by eclipse based IDE for college student projects. We ensure interface for real time simulation and emulation environment for network architecture. We design Omnet++ to provide component based architecture model and assembled by various reusable components.

OMNET++ Characteristics:

We implement following characteristics to deploy OMNET++ under M.Tech projects are:

  • Open source pseudo random generator for large scale simulations.
  • Allow stand able program to run on other machine without simulators.
  • Construct traffic scenarios to support customer development.
  • Hierarchical topology creation by NED language.

Wireless Mesh Network:

We develop wireless mesh network as distributed network with various topologies composed of several access point. We manage wireless mesh network with Routing, authentication, authorization and quality of service. We ensure gateway function for linked network with every host in the network. Every node in wireless network is involved with in the transmission range. Algorithms such as Ad hoc on demand distance vector (AODV), Optimized Link state Routing (OLSR) ensure flexible and dynamic network structure for mesh network are implemented by us derived from Elsevier papers.

omnet++ WMN projects
omnet++ WMN projects

ORBIT Testbed:

To implement real time on wireless network we use orbit Testbed. Orbit testbed composed of nodes we ensure orbit with comfortable environment for radio grid environment control. We permit fine grained testing for various wireless frameworks in omnet++

Virtual Mesh:

We implement virtual Mesh which combined advanced technologies such as Network emulation, platform virtualization, and computer simulation. We ensure environment for debugging, development, evaluation platform in wireless Mesh network. We provide virtualized output by entire testbed.

characteristics of omnet++ simulator
characteristics of omnet++ simulator

Wireless Video Sensor Network:

We ensure wireless video sensor network based on camera nodes available in network. We define sensor node sensing range by disk and scalar physical measurements. We permit multimedia transmission over network by video sensor network. We perform video and audio streaming by video sensor network.

OMNET++ Working Process:

We processed OMNET++ in more than 85+ projects in an efficient way. We described the working process of OMNET++ are:

  • For text editor in Omnet++ we provide eclipse based Omnet++ simulation.
  • Command Line and interactive user interface are provided by various interfaces over network.
  • Various modules group together to form compound modules.
  • We build Omnet++ Component by transferring message communication.
  • IDE are used to evaluate result in Omnet++ simulation.
  • Components are programmed by C++ with simulation kernel and class library.
  • Omnet++ permit configuration with various parameters run under same config file.

Cmdenv Framework:

We mainly design cmdenv framework for batch execution of simulations. By using plove we can visualize output vector files. It used to plot one or more vectors in single graph. Scalar is used to visualize scalar Output files. Scalar is used to visualize scalar output files by creating bar charts (or) XY plots.