Reliability and Survivability Analysis of Artificial Cobweb Network Model Used in Low-voltage Power-line Communication System

In order to verify the feasibility of the artificial cobweb model used in low-voltage power line communication (LVPLC) routing to improve the reliability of LVPLC, the all- terminal reliability of the artificial cobweb model has been calculated based on the factorization method in this paper. Specifically,Analysis shows that the proposed artificial cobweb shows much better survivability than existing tree and ring network topologies, i.e., tree and ring.

Simulation and experimental results of delay, throughput and bit bit-error ratio are supplemented further presented to verify the correctness of the theoretical analysis about the reliability and survivability of power line communicationLVPLC networks based on the artificial cobweb model, which further proves the feasibility of the artificial cobweb model used infor LVPLC routing. Those These results potentially provide guideline to practical LVPLC system desigen.

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