Hierarchical Decentralized Network Reconfiguration for Smart Distribution Systems—Part II: Applications to Test Systems

A hierarchical decentralized network reconfiguration approach to minimize power losses for smart distribution systems was presented in Part I. In this paper, the proposed approach is applied to four test distribution systems to examine its performance. A demonstration system consisting of the test system and distributed intelligent agents is built using MATLAB/Simulink to illustrate how the decentralized approach is implemented. Simulation results of the proposed approach are then compared with results of a centralized implementation and the harmony search method.

It is shown that the decentralized approach can achieve similar results as other methods with significantly reduced computation time. The impacts of time-varying loads and faults are also studied through dynamic network reconfiguration on the 118-bus test system. Simulation results illustrate that dynamic network reconfiguration with time-ahead planning can determine the optimal configuration for each operating period to significantly reduce system energy losses. The enhanced performance of the hierarchical decentralized approach is clearly established.

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