Towards a Cybernetics-Based Communication Framework for IT Governance

Communication is a crucial part and, often, a thorny problem of organizational life. In the modern-day organization, individuals must exchange information continuously and rapidly throughout the chain of command, whether to offer evaluation, direction or control. No more is this true, then for the rapidly growing and evolving domain of IT governance. Unfortunately, communication failures between business and IT management continue to be an all too familiar sight.

Whilst knowledge of thiscommunication challenge has emerged, less attention has been devoted to identifying and understanding the underlining barriers, possible problems and causes of business/IT communicationfailure. This paper contributes to the above-mentioned concern by arguing that the domain of cybernetics may hold promise for understanding the underlining problems of the challenge. In particular, the concepts of transduction and pacing, could offer practical insight towards the creation of strategies or approaches for its resolution.

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