SDN Software Defined Networking Topics

Software Defined Network (SDN) is a fast-emerging technology that proposes new ways to manage the global environs. Our Software Defined Networking Topics

Guidance provides a prime interdisciplinary platform for scholars to research SDN paradigms, protocols, and theory

This page presents the best recent advances, real-world challenges, and solutions adopted in the fields of SDN!!!

Firstly, SDN is a network communication paradigm that realizes software. Also, it has two central constituents in network architecture as controller and switches. SDN networks grow into one of the important solutions of the 5G Simulation cellular systems due to their numerous benefits. 

What are the advantages of SDN? 

  • It offers great network flexibility and dependability through data and control plane decoupling system.
  • The control plane may assemble a single controller or distributed multiple controllers.

Majorly, it supports the other communication paradigm deployment as network function virtualization (NFV). For example, the following topics of SDN / NFV and 5G networks gain more attention in the research community. 

Research Software Defined Networking Topics

Research Software Defined Networking Topics

  • Security, dependability and privacy of SDN-NFV in 5G networks
    • NFV-SDN elements Management and orchestration
    • Secure NFV and SDN Solutions Design
    • NFV-SDN Security Vulnerabilities
    • Secure Threat Detection and Mitigation
    • Policy Specification and Management
    • Security based Monitoring and Analytics
    • 5G security Architecture, Trust and Assurance
    • Authorization, Authentication and Accounting in SDN

For your add-on research awareness, we also have given you one more SDN hybrid network as Software-Defined Optical Networks (SDON) which integrates SDN with Optical Networks.

Other Research Topics in Software Defined Networks

  • Openflow and Other enabling SDN Protocols
  • SDN Architecture, Design and Planning for Optical Networks
  • SDON-Routing, Wavelength / Spectrum Sharing
  • SDN-Enabled Optical Network Virtualization and Clouds
  • Devices, Sub-Systems and Transmission Technologies
  • SDN based Multi-Layer Or Multi-Domain Optical Networks
  • Interoperability Control Plane with Existing Control Plane Techniques (Gmpls/Pce)
  • SDON Survivability (E.G., Protection And Restoration)
  • Green Technologies and Security in SDON

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Paper Writing and Publication Guidelines in SDN 

  • Type of SDN Controller and Switches Used
  • Network Performance Metrics in Data Plane and Control Plane
  • SDN Real-Time Applications
  • SDN Simulation and Experimentation
  • Implemented Simulator / Tool
  • Number of Flow Rules and Installation
  • Resource Rate of Controller and Switches
  • Fundamental terminologies (scalability, global network management and load balancing)

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  • System Development (using suitable tools and technologies)
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  • Thesis / Dissertation Writing

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