Software Defined Network controller embedded in mobile device for user’s policy implementation

Users run multiple applications simultaneously on single mobile device (MD) like mobile phone, tablet etc.. Utility and importance of different applications are not same and relative value depends on individual user. But in Internet architecture, available bandwidth is shared by applications equally. In wireless connection, fluctuation of bandwidth is common event and all applications are affected equally. Dealing with this problem by design of scheduler for base station (BS) / access point (AP) or for mobile device have been proposed by some literatures. But those proposals do not honour the specific requirement of individual user to prioritise among running applications in user’s MD.

We proposed aSoftware Defined Network (SDN) controller embedded in MD to implement user policy to provide desired preference to specific applications. We consider a novel control algorithm for sharing bandwidth to provide most useful customised utilisation of available bandwidth as per the user’s desired policy. Our simulation results confirm benefit of proposed novel concept, where available bandwidth is distributed in a controlled way among applications to maintain QoS of preferred ones, in case of a fluctuating wireless channel condition.

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