SAVE: Energy-aware Virtual Data Center embedding and Traffic Engineering using SDN

Cloud computing is a popular computing paradigm which provides the virtual resource as a form of VM to customers in an on demand manner. Existing provisioning solutions were only limited to provision computing resource (e.g., CPU, RAM and etc.), therefore, it was difficult to provide more advanced cloud services. Virtual Data Center (VDC) embedding, which is known as mapping the VDC resources to their physical counterparts, was recently introduced to provide more advanced cloud services. However, existing VDC embedding solutions were mostly focus on consolidating VMs in single physical data center. Therefore, in this work, 1) we expand the consolidated targets from VMs to network fabrics (e.g, paths and switches); 2) we also consider the VDC embedding problem in multiple physical data centers. In former point, a Traffic Engineering (TE) technique is required to realize thenetwork fabrics consolidation.

While, in latter point, a multi-data center VM live migration technique is required to realize the VM migration across the different data centers. SDN, which is a new networkparadigm, can fulfill the requirements raised in above two points by providing flow-level virtualization and network address virtualization. With the help of SDN, we propose a Sdn Assisted Vdc Embedding solution – SAVE by consolidating network fabrics along with physical hosts. SAVE includes two VDC embedding algorithms with a TE heuristic, and a holistic system architecture is provided to realize the proposed algorithms. Our experiment results show the feasibility of the SAVE system architecture, and the effectiveness of the proposed algorithms.

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