Results and analysis based on a novel LTE-R channel measurement at 2.6 GHz

In this paper, the measurements of 2 × 2 MIMO channel were performed at 2.6 GHz with 20 MHz bandwidth along the Harbin-Dalian passenger dedicated railway line. To improve the accuracy of multipath searching, we propose a multipath components (MCPs) extraction method based on this measurement, using the statistical properties of the data to reduce dependence on certain specific parameter.

Numerical analyses of small and large scale parameter fading characteristics in hilly terrain scenarios are presented such as channel impulse response (OR), power delay profile (PDP), time delay spread, Doppler spread, path loss and shadow fading which are significant to the study of wireless channel modeling in specific scenario applied in LTE-R system. All these analyses promote the verification and evaluation of wireless wideband communications on LTE-R system in high speed railway.

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