Policy authoring for software-defined networking management

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) permits centralizing part of the decision-logic in controller devices. Thus, controllers can have an overall view of the network, assisting network programmers to configurenetwork-wide services. Despite this, the behavior of network devices and their configurations are often written for specific situations directly in the controller. As an alternative, techniques such as Policy-Based Network Management (PBNM) can be used by business-level operators to write Service Level Agreements (SLAs) in a user-friendly interface without the need to change the code implemented in the controllers.

In this paper, we introduce a framework for Policy Authoring to (i) facilitate the specification of business-level goals and (ii) automate the translation of these goals into the configuration of system-level components in an SDN. We use information from the network infrastructure obtained through SDN features and logic reasoning for analyzing policy objectives. As a result, experiments demonstrate that the framework performs well even when increasing the number of expressions in an SLA or increasing the size of the repository.

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