Panel discussions computing technology for autonomous driving

Autonomous driving is becoming more and more multidisciplinary. Not only vehicular technologies but also computing, networking, and data management technologies are involved in autonomous driving. Of particular interest includes the trade-off between in-vehicle computing and cloud computing to support artificial intelligence of autonomous driving. Perception and planning of autonomy requires high-performance computing while battery-driven vehicles must consider power problems. Offloading such computations onto the cloud could be a drastic solution, though safety and reliability of driving remain major concerns.

Data management is also a grand challenge of autonomous driving. In particular, high-precision maps are considered to be the common infrastructure to self-localize vehicles and efficiently route them to their destinations. Unfortunately, current navigation systems are not well compatible to high-precision maps and the sustainable management of map data also remains an open problem. These problems of autonomous driving are not dedicated to particular technologies but need to be addressed by tight coordination of multiple technologies. This panel gathers experts from multiple areas across vehicles, computing platforms, maps, and consumer electronics.

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