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Predictable Dynamics of Opinion Forming for Networks With Antagonistic Interactions – MS in Omnet++
ANC-ERA: Random Access for Analog Network Coding in Wireless Networks – MS in Omnet++
A Novel Computational Model for Non-linear Divisible Loads on a Linear Network – MS in Omnet++
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Second-Order Global Consensus in Multiagent Networks With Random Directional Link Failure – MS in Omnet++
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Lag Synchronization of Switched Neural Networks via Neural Activation Function and Applications in Image Encryption – MS in Omnet++
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Interference Suppression using Generalized Inverse Precoder for Downlink Heterogeneous Networks – MS in Omnet++
GFlow: Towards GPU-based high-performance table matching in OpenFlow switches – MS in Omnet++
Dynamic OpenFlow-Based Lightpath Restoration in Elastic Optical Networks on the GENI Testbed – MS in Omnet++
SDN orchestration of OpenFlow and GMPLS flexi-grid networks with a stateful hierarchical PCE [invited] – MS in Omnet++
OpenFlow-assisted online defragmentation in single-/multi-domain software-defined elastic optical networks [invited] – MS in Omnet++
A programmable and virtualized network & IT infrastructure for the internet of things: How can NFV & SDN help for facing the upcoming challenges – MS in Omnet++
Retaining control over SDN network services – MS in Omnet++
Dynamic restoration with GMPLS and SDN control plane in elastic optical networks [Invited] – MS in Omnet++
BYOC: Bring Your Own Control a new concept to monetize SDN’s openness – MS in Omnet++
Enhancing Security and Privacy for Identity-based Batch Verification Scheme in VANET – MS in Omnet++
Vehicle Mobility and Communication Channel Models for Realistic and Efficient Highway VANET Simulation – MS in Omnet++
VANET-cloud: a generic cloud computing model for vehicular Ad Hoc networks – MS in Omnet++
There is a Will, There is a Way: A New Mechanism for Traffic Control Based on VTL and VANET – MS in Omnet++
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