Implementing Packet Transfer in Wireless Networks Using PyGame

Cloud environment on wireless networks is a combination of cloud and mobile technologies. The goal is to support mobile applications more efficient way to utilize bandwidth, energy consumption, hardware utilization, and cost. Cloud is a virtualization concept (borrowed from the virtual machine environment introduced in 1970’s) in wireless communications to utilize the resources efficiently and provide the quality of service. The new cloud architecture for wireless networks solves the 4G bottlenecks including current spectrum shortage, improving the data storage capacity and processing power, betternetwork management, and minimizes the energy consumption.

The objective of the tool is to simulate the cloud network virtualization platform to transfer the packets from any source node to a selected destination node. Since the cloud table has the current status of nodes in the network (including idle channels), transferring the data packets source node to a destination node becomes easier. The environment was simulated using PyGame in Python 3.4 environment. The simulations demonstrate that the packet selects the optimum path to travel from the source node to the destination node.

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