Implementation of NB PHY transceiver of IEEE 802.15.6 WBAN on FPGA

This paper presents the hardware implementation of 2.4 GHz Narrowband Physical Layer for Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) based on IEEE 802.15.6-2012 standard. Major building blocks of PHY transceiver such as CRC, spreader, interleaver and scrambler were individually designed and integrated. To avoid the inherent limitation of the data transmission and to achieve higher reliability especially for medical applications, BCH (63, 51, 2) encoder and decoder is integrated to the design. Before modulation, spreading technique is employed and supports pi/2 DBPSK modulation.

Evaluation of the design is done in terms of functionality and power. The transceiver achieves a data rate of 121.4 kbps and packet size of 256 bits. The proposed design implemented on Xilinx ML605 board can interact with Microblaze softcore processor and Analog Devices FCOMMS1-EBZ allowing flexible data transfer between them. FPGA provides the needed reconfigurability for dynamically adapting the data processing and transceiver functions of Software Defined Radio (SDR).

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