IEEE Projects on Wireless Communication

 Wireless communication helps in the process of transmitting information from one end to another end in the absence of interventions like wires, visible mediums, etc. Generally, wireless communication means the data transfer over the air, and it transmits the data from the sender to the receiver. Implementing ieee projects on wireless communication focus on the applications, use-cases, architectures, deployments, and recent advances. Let us have a look at the substantial notes based on wireless communication.

 Wireless communication protocols are utilized in both analog and digital communications and can be deployed for vital procedures, extending from transferring data between devices to accessing the Internet. In point of fact, wireless communication covers a wide range of characteristics that interface to give more exciting results using the modifications and improvements we do in the protocol. The significant technologies used in developing ieee projects on wireless communication are listed below.

Wireless Communication Technologies

  • LTE
  • WiFi Direct
  • 5G 
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Lifi
  • RFID

Wireless communication technology plays a crucial role in today’s communications, and novel methods of it will become essential to emergent technologies including robots, drones, self-driving vehicles (vanet), and new medical devices. Of course, the LTE and the 5G network are also based on wireless communication technologies. Through this technology, emergency circumstances will receive help immediately. In addition, the above technologies will support the following networks to provide better results, 

  • Long Range Wireless PowerLow Power Wide Area Networks
  • Wireless Sensing

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Implementing IEEE Projects on Wireless Communication

Research Challenges in Wireless Communication

  • Localization Strategies
  • Privacy and Security
  • QoS Awareness
  • The formula of Energy Efficiency

We have derived the theoretical or the experimental examination in the areas of wireless communication covering all categories of information transport networks over all classes of physical layer technologies and wireless technologies, for example, radiofrequency, acoustic, and infra-red. We can provide the assistance to publish the paper in the reputed journals by the innovative research solutions. Here we have listed down the research topics based on wireless communication.

Research Topics for IEEE Projects on Wireless Communication

  • Underwater localization and nautical system
  • Energy-saving and management
  • Network localizations (ITS, IoT, next-generation, vehicles)
  • Localization (Indoor and outdoor)
  • Recognition technologies in advanced locations

Paper Publishing in Journals

We publish the short and the long research papers and review the papers in a quick publication sequence on developments in the state of the art of wireless communications. We are here to encourage the aspects in both theoretical contribution and practical contributions. The aspects like

  • Research Paper Writing
    • Prototypes (Experimental process)
    • Innovative research solutions
    • System experimentations
  • Research Paper Survey
    • Observations (Advantages / disadvantages)
    • Procedures
    • Evaluation

We provide plagiarism-free content in wireless communication paper publication guidance. We have discussed sufficient details about wireless communication; now let us discuss the significant steps involved in publishing the journal paper.

Journal Paper Publishing Steps

  • We will follow the ethical instructions provided by the journals like submitting the article.
  • Targeting for the high-level journals like SCI/ SCOPUS with the proper research findings (aim and scope, journal SJR score, and review speed). 
  • We upload the paper as per the protocols of the targeting journal.
  • We provide the major support for your paper revision. For example, providing the appropriate responses for the Reviewers / Editors comments.

We can publish the technical articles that include the theory, design, and applications in wireless communication and is related to the communication standards. Mainly, we focus on the above-given points about the technologies used to implement ieee projects on wireless communication, etc. Now, let us discuss the reputed journals towards the publishing help based on wireless communication.

Free Journals for Wireless Communication Paper Publication

I. Wireless Communication & Mobile Computing

Aims & Scope

  • Software-defined network
  • Applications of wireless sensor network
  • Principles of optical fiber network
  • Types of networking
  • Metrics in microwave analysis
  • Various functions of radar and antenna

Impact Factor – 1.899

Review Time – 3.0 months

II. Wireless Personal Communications

Aim & Scope

  • AI-powered wireless communications
  • Wireless systems using adaptive antennas
  • Ad Hoc wireless networks
  • Compensation and assessments in communication channels
  • Applications of the spectrum and compressed sensing
  • Video broadcast-quality augmentation in MIMO & OFDMA

Impact Factor – 0.929

Review Time – 6.8 months

III. IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications

Aims & Scope

  • Noticing the multiuser
  • Detection and assessment
  • Fading countermeasures
  • Communications of multirate and multicarrier
  • Management of interference and resource allocation
  • Variety of methods and equalization
  • Propagation and channel classification

Impact Factor – 6.394

Review Time – 7.0 months

IV. IEEE Wireless Communications

Aims & Scope

  • Relay networks in wireless communication
  • Channel estimation
  • Cross-layer design & optimization
  • Cellular systems (4G and 5G)
  • Functions of multimedia communications

Impact Factor – 11

Review Time – 6 to 12 weeks

V. IEEE Wireless Communication Letters

Aims & Scope

  • Wireless verification, security, and secrecy
  • Functions of wireless optical communication
  • Application of wireless sensor networks
  • Wireless cloud networks
  • Wireless network coding

Impact Factor – 3.546

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