How to write a good proposal PDF?

A good PhD research proposal PDF outlines the scope of the PhD research work in the corresponding field where we are conducting our research work. The proposal PDF should be able to communicate to the readers of our proposal PDF regarding our research work.

The research proposal PhD should show the significance of our research topic and should be able to provide the overall plan of conducting the research work. The PDF of our research proposal shall act as the guide for what we are planning at the initial stage of the research work.

We shall write the research proposal by having the proper plan and clean understanding of the field in which we are going to conduct the research work. The proper understanding will help us in framing the PDF for our research proposal.

We should be very careful in selecting the topic for our research work in the PhD because we are going to work for a long period of time in that particular field that we had chosen to undertake our research work.

Writing a PhD research proposal in a PDF will help us in moving forward with our research work by knowing all kinds of information that are needed to pursue our research work.

Our research proposal PDF should consists of the following sections:

  • Introduction.
  • Research Aim and Scope.
  • Research Objectives.
  • Overall Problem Statement.
  • Specific Problem Statement.
  • Proposed Solution.
  • Overall Architecture.
  • Research Highlights.

We have to mention the details of the research work in all of these sections and this is the traditional method for writing a proper research proposal PDF.

Introduction Section:

In this section we have to mention about the plans in how we are going to pursue our research work and we have to mention the general details about the scope that we have in conducting this research work.

We must write an overview for the research and write about the deliverables of the research in this section. We have to just write the general information on how the outcome of the research is going to be.

The introduction part with the information of the topic and all the actual data in relevant to the research field from the research journals have to be written in the introduction section.

The readers of the research proposal PDF will be spotting innovation in the topic and should be curious to know about our research by reading the introduction section.

Research Aim and Scope Section:

We have to write about the ultimate aim of conducting our research work in this section and we have to reveal writing what kind of expected outcome in relevant to our topic of the research will be obtained.

We should write about the scope that our research topic will have in the corresponding field of the research work.

We must write our predictions in achieving the aim in our research work by highlighting about its category and level of success.

Research Objectives Section:

We have to write about the objective of performing the research work in this section. Before we discuss about the objectives we have to analyses the background of our research field.

We have to search for the recent year’s research journals and find out the needed information from the previous research works. We have to ensure that the reference research journals should only be collected from the reputable sites alone.

Overall Problem Statement Section:

Before writing the overall problem statement we have to make sure to collect the references based on the topic and our research work. From all the reference taken based on the recent years we have to analyses the major reference articles from the collected articles.

From the major reference articles we have to write the title, concept, problem and the solution that is proposed in the reference paper. Then from the major reference papers we have to take the important reference that is alone sufficient to conduct our research.

We have to analyses the overall problem that is in similar not addressed by all the previously existing researches. We must consider that unsaid problem as the overall problem statement in our research work.

Specific Problem Statement Section:

In this section we have to explain about the specific problem that we are going to consider and proceed to work in our research.

The specific problem statements when drafted in our research proposal have to convey that this one problem when researched shall provide the appropriate solution for the gaps that we found in the existing researches.

Proposed Solution Section:

The proposed solution section displays the solution for the one said specific problem that we analyses from the reference research journals and is written with an appropriate solution.

We have to write on how the solution will be for the particular research topic in that we are going to conduct our research work.

We just have to write about the methods and the algorithm that we have chosen from the referred research journals. We have to highlight on what basis the solution for the problem will bring the assumed success in conducting this research.

Overall Architecture Section:

The overall architecture of the PhD research proposal PDF denotes the diagrammatic representation of the work flow that we are going to follow in conducting our research work.

By sketching the work flow of the research work we are able to present the data in a neat and an organized format.

Sometimes the pictorial information will get attention from the reader’s side apart from the written information.

Research Highlights Section:

The writing of the research highlights in this section is for the purpose of proof reading and also for the reference purpose that shall be accessed by us throughout the research process.

In the research proposal PDF we have to mention around twenty important reference journals from the reputed sites like IEEE, Sci, Scie, Sage, Springer, MDPI, etc.., the reference journals should be taken only from these kinds of highly reputed sites.

The reference journals that are mentioned in this section will be helpful for the upcoming researchers who are going to work in this specific field of research area.