Fault tolerance in Dynamic Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Networks

Researches on Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have been increased tremendously in the recent years. Cluster-based Wireless Sensor Network out performs flat network in terms of data routing, energy dissipation, data load balancing, etc. A self organized cluster-based sensor network that has the cluster management mechanisms for new nodes joining and existing nodes leaving, is defined as Dynamic Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network (DCWSN). Moreover, DCWSN can be categorized into two types such as, one hop neighbor information and partial one hop neighbor information.

This article presents two novel algorithms that pertain multi-node leaving for DCWSN, where one of the proposed algorithm considers one hop neighbor information while the other one considers partial one hop neighbor information for multi-node leaving. Moreover, to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithms, simulation is performed and compared.

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