Exploration of Centralized Car2X-Systems over LTE

Car2X-Communication is a method for data exchange between vehicles and infrastructure units to increase traffic safety and efficiency. Usually data processing and control is performed within the vehicle i.e decentralized. Centrally organized systems hardly get any attention in latest research, although they have many advantages. Since communication systems are improving, even safety-critical centralized systems become realistic. In this paper we present the technical feasibility of centralized Car2X-Systems based on LTE.

Exemplarily, we investigate a Server-based Adaptive Cruise Control System (SbACC), whereby the longitudinal behavior of vehicles is controlled by a central server over LTE. Additionally we identify several methods with which the requirements for delay and bandwidth can be relaxed, such that a sufficient performance of the SbACC can still be guaranteed. The evaluation is then performed based on the simulation of scenarios with realistic movement and communication, yielding a maximum required bandwidth of the SbACC in downlink of 2.15% in an urban and 9.6% in a suburban scenario.

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