Experimental Demonstration of Datacenter Resources Integrated Provisioning Over Multi-Domain Software Defined Optical Networks

Due to the emergence of cloud computing and various cloud services which are remote and geographically distributed, datacenters interconnected by optical networks have attracted much attention of network operators and service providers. With the purpose of supporting cloud services more effectively and efficiently, IT resources and interconnected network resources provisioning could be considered in an orchestrated way. In this paper, we present a datacenter resources integrated provisioning (DRIP) architecture utilizing coordinated virtualization of distributed datacenters and operator’s multi-domain software defined optical networks.

The DRIP architecture aims to accomplish IT resources and optical network resources integrated allocation. In order to investigate the feasibility and efficiency of the proposed architecture, two IT resources allocation strategies and two virtualnetwork composition strategies are evaluated on our testbed. We perform experimental demonstration to evaluate the strategies’ performance in terms of three metrics, i.e., CPU utilization ratio of physical hosts, virtual network failure rate, and average latency.

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