Evaluation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication with Delay Tolerant Networks for Safety Surveillance System

Recently, the rapid technological growth of automobiles expects us to the various usages for the near future, and V2V communication is also a part of novel technologies to realize novel usages as well as ITS. This paper proposes the V2V communication with Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) for safety surveillance system in the local area during the winter season. In the proposed system, the automobiles equip the sensor of Quasi Electrostatic Field (QEF) on the wheels, and it observes the frozen condition of the roads.

Then, the observed data is transmitted to another automobile with IEEE802.11p based DTN. The simulation is held for the effectiveness of the proposed V2V networks with the map of Morioka and Takizawa in Japan. Then, the results are discussed for the future studies of the V2Vcommunication methods based on the DTN for the safety surveillance system in local areas during the winter.

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