Error control scheme using decomposable codes for various QoS in multiple WBAN environment

Recently, studies on medical and health monitoring systems using wireless communications have been actively conducted. In the field of health monitoring systems, Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) is one of the key technologies and its standardization activities have also been extensively carried out. As our previous work, we proposed an optimal QoS control scheme employing a multiplexing layer and a decomposable error control coding scheme [1].

However, in our past work, we did not assume a situation where several WBANs are coexistent and give interference each other. Besides, the error correction capacity of our decomposable code was not sufficient. In this paper, we improve dependability of our scheme by extending code rates of the decomposable code. We also evaluate the performances comparing with IEEE 802.15.6 in a multiple WBAN environment by computer simulations.

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