Do-it-Yourself Digital Agriculture applications with semantically enhanced IoT platform

Internet of Things (IoT) enables various applications (crop growth monitoring and selection, irrigation decision support, etc) in Digital Agriculture domain. Semantic enhancements to IoT platforms address challenges of interoperability, data fusion, integration of heterogeneous IoT silos, annotation of data streams, just to name a few. This paper discusses the recently developed OpenIoT platform which demonstrated its applicability and efficiency in a number of use cases, including a Digital Agriculture use case (Phenonet).

An ontology to represent Phenonet domain concepts in order to facilitate smart collection, annotation, validation, processing and storing of data streams from sensors in the field has been proposed and the results of experimental study, related semantic queries and reasoning using the ontology are presented. A Do-It-Yourself principle-driven zero-programming enabling Phenonet user interface demonstrates benefits, novelty and efficiency of the approach.

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