D2D communication is the method of direct communication established among devices. Direct links are the basis of D2D communication. Device to Device communication research topics communication research topics turn to be important as many kinds of research are developing in the field.

Following is an essential and advanced understanding of research in D2D communication. Let us start with modes of D2D communication.


The method of communication is opted by the D2D pairs themselves. The efficiency of transmission increases when D2D communication devices work on following different modes.

  • Dedicated mode makes use of available materials for direct communication
  • Cellular mode uses base station and conventional components
  • Reuse mode reuses the cellular links
  • Silent mode restricts transmission

So you can now understand that Device to Device communication research topics works in different ways, and a better understanding of all these modes is required for D2D communication paper publication. Following are some of the research issues in D2D. You need to know this before going for Device to Device communication research topics


           Following are some of the major issues that you will encounter in crafting D2D communication research topics.

  • Complex scheduling
  • Coordinating different platforms
  • Establishing and controlling interface
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Simultaneous transmissions
  • Controlled environment
  • Managing interference
  • Allocating resources
  • Managing mobility

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Device to Device Communication Research Topics for students


  • D2D communication based on energy harvesting
  • D2D communication in vehicular surroundings
  • Cloud Computing supported Radio access networks in D2D communication
  • D2D communication with millimetre wave 5G network relay
  • Scheduling and Allocation of radio resource
  • D2D group communication based Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access or NOMA
  • D2D communication and coding of network
  • Huge MIMO with D2D communication
  • Scalable D2D communications for usage in 5G Simulation
  • Control of power and interface for D2D communication

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            Following are certain important journals for your paper publication in D2D communication.

  • Transactions of the IRE Professional Group on Communication systems focuses on applications of algebra – 5.69 impact factor, indexed in SCI
  • Mobile Networks and Applications publishes advanced management of communication – 2.39 impact factor, 6 – 12 weeks review time, SCOPUS indexed
  • Journal of Communications and Networks aims at theory of communication techniques – 1.52 impact factor, 2.5 months review time, SCI indexed
  • Application algebra in engineering, Communications and Computing aims at specific intelligent D2D communication mechanisms – 0.580 impact factor, 12 weeks review time

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