Design and development of daughter board for USB-UART communication between Raspberry Pi and PC

Development of real time applications using platforms such as Raspberry Pi often requires interfacing of different sensors and communication modules. They can be easily interfaced using RS232 port but now a days it is replaced by USB. Interfacing sensors and modules having only USB ports, some sort of port conversion is required that can emulate a serial port providing a virtual COM through UART interface.

This paper propose design & development of daughter board for USB to UARTCommunication to Raspberry Pi that provides communication with different embedded devices by the use of USB to UART Convertor Boards. With the help of these convertors, bidirectional data transmission is achieved. FT232RL & CP2102 IC’s are used in the proposed daughter boards. A comparative analysis is presented between these boards in terms of cost, performance, reliability, packaging, required baud rate.

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