Customizable Autonomic Network Management: Integrating Autonomic Network Management and Software-Defined Networking

The increased complexity of emerging and future networks and services requires the use of sophisticated but simplified management and control that will minimize the burden of human presence and manual operation. Autonomic network management (ANM), on the one hand, and software definednetworking (SDN), on the other hand, have appeared with the promise to meet these requirements and enhance the efficiency of the control and operation of networks.

These two emerging technologies share motivation and have confluent goals, e.g., increasing the reliability and efficiency of operation, simplifying network management and control, focusing on means for opening innovation and differentiation for vendors, and aiming at capital expenditures/operating expenditures (CAPEX/OPEX) reduction for providers. This article presents and promotes a framework that extends the G?ANT test bed toward an autonomic OpenFlow (AUTOFLOW) facility, aiming at (1) demystifying the relationship and interplay between ANM and SDN and (2) showcasing that SDN/OpenFlow capabilities can bring customizable ANM into reality.

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