Computer security is primarily used for the defending process in the network data transmission. The process of network security is based on the protection level which has numerous mechanisms such as security software, hardware components, and network monitoring, etc. We guide research scholars to choose interesting computer security research topics for their research work.

Computer Security Component Architecture

            Computer security is essential for the discretion, accessibility of the users, network, device, application, and substantial resources. It has a blended process with the secrecy, of the device and the network. Now, let us discuss the challenges in computer security.

Computer Security Challenges

  • Communication Based Security
  • End to End Applications
  • Data Security

Computer security is the structure of the protective system includes firewalls, routers, virtual private networks, etc. Below, we have listed the types of threats in the computer security network.

Latest Computer Security Research Topics for PhD & MS Scholars

Latest Computer Security Research Topics

  • Resource Registration
  • Hardware Developments
  • Network security
  • Future Trends in Security
  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • Software Developments
  • Current Developments in Network Security
  • Security on Different Layers and Attack Migration

Computer Security Threats

  • Social Threats
    • Cyber Stalking
    • Cyber Bullying and Grooming
    • Corporate Espionage
  • Traditional Threats
    • Spamming
    • Inference Attack
    • Malware
    • ClickJacking
    • Profile Cloning Attack
    • Phishing
    • Sybil Attack
    • De-anonymization Attack
  • Multimedia Content Threats
    • Metadata
    • Shared Ownership
    • Static Links
    • Steganography
    • Multimedia Content Exposure
    • Transparency of Data Centers
    • Shared Links to Multimedia Content
    • Manipulation of Multimedia Content

Computer Security Mechanisms

  • Network Perimeter Security
    • It supports to shield the external interfaces among the user and the external networks
  • Physical Security and Awareness
    • It provides some knowledge about the potential risks for breaching the security measures
    • It helps the users to be well informed in the network security process
  • Security Threat Analysis
    • It supports establishing the protection process and how to analyze the types of the security threats
  • Encryption
    • This is the process of creating some moves to make the data incomprehensible with the help of a chipper algorithm and security key
  • Remote Access Security
    • It is the right way of network security access with the support of point to point sessions, effective private network connection, and dialing in the traditional process
  • Protocol and Application Security
    • It protects the network from unwanted access with the support of some network applications and protocols
  • Security Policies and Procedures
    • It helps to reduce the coverage of the security threats with some rules and regulations

Hereby, we have listed down the most important security attacks in the computer network. If your field is computer security, then you can prefer any research area. In those areas, the idea must be novel computer security research topics 

Major Security Attacks

  • Hello Flood Attack
  • Ddos Attack
  • Botnets
  • Ss7 Attack
  • Traffic Analysis Attack
  • Ping Sweep Attack
  • Icmp Redirect Attack
  • Internet Attacks
  • Hping3 Syn Flood Attack
  • Network Probe Attack
  • Sniffer Attack
  • Eavesdropping Attack
  • Passive Attack
  • Packet Injection
  • Spoofing Wireshark
  • Wireless Attacks
  • Icmp Attack

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