Latest Communication Network Topics

The broadcast of raw or processed information over a series of systems/devices is said to be Network communication. Our research communication network topics assist scholars who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the area of Network Communication. 

This page is intended to deliver the top-notch modern innovations, new research issues, and solutions adopted in the fields of communication network!!!

What is Communication Network?

Network Communication is a colossal pool of Data Communications and Networking technologies. On one hand, it involves core functionalities of signals transmission as encoding, interfacing, signal integrity, multiplexing, etc. On other hand, it incorporates topology and architecture used to interconnect devices.

How does Communication happen over Network?

The application software makes communication achievable to transmit data through communication devices as modems, cables, ports, etc. As a medium of data transport, the communication channel is used to share data from one network device to another.

Communication Medium for Wired/Wireless Network

  • Wireless Network – Communicate using electromagnetic waves as follows,
    • Radio Frequencies
    • Infrared
    • Satellite, etc.
  • Wired Network – Interact in terms of physical cables or wires

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Latest Interesting Research Communication Network Topics  

  • Optical Networking 
  • Ubiquitous Networks
  • High-Speed Networks 
  • Adhoc Networks
  • Wireless Sensor Networks 
  • Next Generation Internet 
  • Internet and Web Applications 
  • Measurement and Performance Analysis 
  • Heterogeneous Wireless Networks 
  • Peer-Peer and Overlay Network 
  • Network Operations and Management 
  • Architectures of Network
  • Management of QoS and Resources 
  • Mobile Networks and Wireless LAN 
  • Network Protocols
  • Wireless Networks 
  • Routing, Switching, and Addressing Methods 
  • Self-Organizing Networks and Networked Systems 

Also, we have suggested you few more trends that grab the attention of current scholars. Our resource team is more precise and expert in identifying the problem and choosing problem-resolving solutions as algorithms, methods, or protocols.

Interestiing Communication Network Topics for students

Network Communication Topics 

  • Energy Efficiency in networks
  • Information-Centric Networking
  • Information Security and Privacy
  • Interference Management and Mitigation
  • Edge and Fog Computing or
  • Networking Projects
  • Dynamic Spectrum Allocation and Sharing
  • Fault Tolerance, Reliability, and Survivability

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