Bond graph model-based for fault tolerance level assessment of a wireless communication link in a system of systems concept

The main focus of this paper is on graphical modeling of wireless link of a System of Systems (SoS) for the purpose of Fault Tolerance Level Assessment. Having used hypergraphs previously for modeling the structural organization of SoS, it’s now important to introduce another graphical tool for modeling the wireless communication channel (WCL) between component systems of SoS, namely Bond Graph, and to evaluate at the same time, the fault tolerance level of each WCL so that we are able to compare various SoS configurations in terms of communication reliability and robustness.

We perform an experiment on cooperative behavior of NAO humanoids forming an SoS to exploit model benefits at microscopic level and at macroscopic level, by developing a simulator that demonstrates how we can assess the fault tolerance level of each WCL in SoS.

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