A federated simulation toolkit for electric power grid and communication network co-simulation

This paper introduces a federated simulation toolkit (FSKIT) that couples continuous time and discrete event simula- tions (DES) to perform the co-simulation of electric power grids and communicationnetworks. A High Performance Computing (HPC) oriented power system dynamic simulator, GridDyn, was used for the electric power grid simulation. GridDyn is coupled to the open-source network simulator, ns-3, through FSKIT.

FSKIT provides time control for advancing the state of federated simulators, and facilitates communication among objects in the federate. A wide-area communication-based electric transmission protection scheme is simulated with FSKIT, using the IEEE 39- bus test system. A communication network for the 39-bus system is built in ns-3, and basic protection relay logic is added to the power system model in order to perform the co-simulation.

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